MOVRun has several invigorating charity runs/walks all over the country, in locations such as Piedmont Park (Atlanta), Central Park (New York), and Mission Bay (California). These runs are held every month; TheMOV is always looking for runners and walkers to participate.

These runs support MOVDance. MOVDance is a program that provides dance lessons to low-income children. MOVDance helps keeps these children off of the streets and busy with fun dance lessons that may brighten their day and inspire them for the future. MOVDance is a ray of hope for these struggling low-income children.

Whenever a runner registers to run in the race, the entry fee goes to MOVDance. Every runners $20 registration fee goes a long way to help support low-income children. Remember, if you are running or walking in a MOVRun, not only do you have a chance to enjoy the course beautiful scenery or test your personal fitness skills — you will be running and walking for a very good cause!

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