Have you ever dreamed of becoming a personal trainer? TheMOV is providing a personal trainer certification program. You will be able to have the luxury of learning and working from home when becoming a personal trainer through TheMOV, as most of the material is provided over our web page themov.org. This will save you gas money and having to get dressed in the morning.

This 100 hour program will get you certified for that part-time job as a personal trainer you always dreamed for, or get you hired with top-notch companies as a personal trainer. You could even find yourself working in our MOVclassroom, teaching others health and fitness.

Requirements for this certification are: Writing 2 Fitness Articles, 20 Hour Internship, 20 Hours of Volunteering, 60 Hours of Personal Training, Downline, 2 Testimonials from Clients, 5k Time, and a Physical Test. There is also a registration fee, but you could waive this fee by volunteering in a MOVrun closest to where you reside.

All of the information about the personal trainer certification may be found here: http://www.themov.org/certification.php?badge_id=2



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